Our Rig

Our Rig

Friday, July 31, 2009

Great North Woods

Today we have explored the area North of the White Mountains , starting from our C.G located just between the 2 area's.

We packed a lunch box and took off early (0930…) for this side trip.

Scenic Hwy 16 going North along Androscoggin River is a real beauty,many small islands were formed in the river that made the waters running around them.

Errol is a nice stop before heading North,one store has it all ,like in the good old days,fishing,hunting,camping together with T shirts and ATV…all in one place,so we browsed around, used the restrooms and continued to Dixville Notch S.P.

After putting some anti bug repellent we hiked to a beautiful waterfall surrounded by woods that are covered with moss ,like in the fairy tails.

Going down the road we meet a local guy that suggested us to take a small road up the mountain to a golf course from witch the whole valley can be seen-and so we did.

At the bottom of this road is a huge hotel Balsam Resort,with a swimming pool facing a lake and the mountains,the decorations,rooms,pictures all in very good taste-take a look people are “suffering” here.

After visiting the place we got hungry and set our chairs and table in a good spot to enjoy taste and view at the same time.

Our next surprise was a fantastic waterfall that can be seen from the road,the surprise came after we visited the information office and the guy there just said “yeh there is a waterfall on the way..”…and what a seen that was.

This part of the state is more remote ,more agriculture ,easy going and beautiful…

To complete this gorgeous day we had some “Black Russian” (Vodka&Kahlua) on the rocks at sunset….

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