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Our Rig

Thursday, July 30, 2009

White Mountains NH

The White Mountains cover 1/3 of this beautiful state,they are very impressive and are the main destination for nature lovers.

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If you are looking for exceptional nature you came to the right place:imagine waterfalls,High mountains ,hiking trails,ponds,cascades and small colourful towns all this in lashing green vegetation and forest trees.

Kancamangus NH Kancamangus NHSabbaday Falls NH IMG_0867

MT Washington the highest mountain is in the middle of the area ,you have to pick the right day with good visibility to climb or drive to the top , the view from there is breathtaking.

The area is so big that even during the weekend it is not crowded.

The small towns surrounding the White Mountains are colourful full of restaurants, shops and ready for all season truism including ski shops and motels,some rent houses fully furnished with great views to the Mountains.

IMG_0887 IMG_0866

We started by using the Camping in Conway as a base from witch we made many side trips with the truck visiting Crawford Notch,part of Pinkham Notch ,HWY 112 the famous all America Byway Kancamagus and now after a week we are moving to the North boarder of the range to explore ,hike and enjoy that part of the Mountains.

Woodstock NH

28 July our second day in Shelburne just North East of the White Mountains,I am sitting under the awning (Plastic extension of the trailer to protect from sun and rain) it is raining and almost dark,I am facing the North rim of the mountains with a glass of Margarita the Wi-Fi connection is bad it comes and goes,the whole thing looks like taken from a movie..

But we had a great day hiked 2 waterfalls in Pinkham Notch ,toured the small village and did some food shopping and hoping for another good day to come.

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