Our Rig

Our Rig

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Damariscotta,Boothbay Harbor-Maine

As planned we have moved the trailer West to a central location so we can do side trips with our truck,coming back every evening to the 5W.

Wiscasset was chosen for its close location to the South Coast of Maine just West from our previous location around 100 Miles.

The weather was so wet that we had to chose the right spot in the C.G to avoid sinking in the mud,the rain never stopped for the last 4 days and it really was bad news,but did not stop us from visiting the area.

After unhooking the trailer from the truck we took off to the small beautiful town of Wiscasset,many beautiful small shops,seafood restaurants,small harbour and a huge bridge.

The next day still in rain we found a place to shop for presents to bring home to the grand kids and later on we took a ride to Damariscotta,nice community with a colourful main street.

IMG_0635 IMG_0634

Ice cream in an old fashion place was just a thing to lift our spirits and hope for a total change of the weather….aren't all our activities depend on the weather???

It seems that nature felt bad for the poor tourists traveling through Maine in the rain (it even rimes) so what a relief it was to wake to BLUE skies and warm weather,it is 9th of July crying out loud it is about time for good weather before Spring kicks in soon.

We grabbed the opportunity with both arms and headed South on HWY 27 towards Boothbay Harbor and the connecting Islands West Southport and East Boothbay.

IMG_0671 IMG_0639

This area is loaded with fantastic houses on the waterfront,great vegetation ,countless lakes ,boats and seafood all over the place,every turn brought new colors,smells and views that made us stop and inhale every few minutes.

Try to stretch it ,try to embrace it and don’t let go but as the sun weakens and cold air starts to creep into the body –you have to surrender and hope for more many days like this…

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