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Our Rig

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Paulo Duro Canyon S.P Texas

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We are at the last month of our 13th summer RV trip , for some a month is a lot of time but I feel that it is close to the end ,we use the food that is in the pantry trying not to buy new groceries if it is possible, we look back and see that we covered a lot of grounds in Missouri,Arkansas and Oklahoma , we meet great people on the way and still have to meet more in Texas and Colorado.

After visiting Nowhere OK (there is a place with this name…)and throwing a farewell party  we said goodbyes to our new friends in Oklahoma Lonnie and Hazel that really made us fell at HOME , we felt like we know them for ages…it was a great visit but a sad moment but it was time to move and drive to Paulo Duro Canyon S.P Texas.

Andarko OKNowhere OK

We found out that Linda and Marvin which we meet in 2009 in Vermont are on the way from Colorado to Texas so we arranged to meet in a C.G at the entrance to Paulo Duro S.P TX , it took some planning but finally we meet and had a great evening catching up.

Paulo Duro Canyon S.P TX     Paulo Duro Canyon S.P TX

After camping in Missouri and Arkansas we were used to green,trees and shade….well forget about it over here ,it is a DESERT,no shade or any vegetation ,it is all yellow…but we have full hook-ups and internet if we get close to the office.

The views and the sunsets were just great and we are anxious to explore the canyon in the 2 following days .

Paulo Duro Canyon S.P TX      Paulo Duro Canyon S.P TXPaulo Duro Canyon S.P TXPaulo Duro Canyon S.P TXPaulo Duro Canyon S.P TXPaulo Duro Canyon S.P TX

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Jim and Sandie said...

Finally, you are exploring somewhere we've been. Of course you guys hike a lot more than we do so I get to see pictures we didn't get to take. I can't believe your time is almost up for this summer.