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Our Rig

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Waterfalls in North Israel

After few days of heavy rain that filled the springs,lakes and waterfalls with strong moving waters finally the sun came out and made it perfect for a day for a trip to see the unusall sights of full swing falls.

The sky was blue and it was around 17-18 Celsious around 65 F, snow can be seen on top of mount Hermon with Southern sloops in Israel and Northen in Lebanon, so be carefull and take the right directions when sking down hill...


We started at 8:30AM and were home at 7PM  managing to see 4 waterfalls ,have picnic breakfast and a late lunch in an Indian vegeterian resturant in Kiriat Shmona....that can be done only in a small but a beautiful country like ours.


Morning Picnic.


The Northen part of the country is hilly,green and beautiful to see during the Spring when the bloom is at full, the Southern part is mostly desert but has its beauty too, it includes the Dead Sea ,Massada and Ein Gev Oassis.


It is hard to believe that in late January when Europe and North America are dip in snow to find this area in such a great weather, and as we all know we live by the weather it dictates what activities we will participate in, so today we enjoyed a sunny day till the last beam on sun in a green ,beautiful nature.


A stand on the way to one of the falls offering olive oil,olives and pickles .

The fresh air made us hungry so we headed to an Indian vegeterian resturant just before taking a 2 hour drive back home.


Best of all my friends ,keep warm.


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Rob said...

Waterfalls in Israel, not something I imagined. Thank you!