Our Rig

Our Rig

Thursday, August 15, 2013


I am sure there are people that are used to see a storm coming ,for me it was the first time and I did not know if to take cover or take pictures .so posting them here you can understand that I decided to be “brave”…it all happened very fast , the clouds covered the sky in no time and it became dark .

So here are the shots taken in Peninsula State Park Door County Wisconsin.

Peninsula S.P WI                   Peninsula S.P WI                             Peninsula S.P WI       

                                                        Peninsula S.P WI

And if I am at thing I have never seen –here is another one –Goats on a roof covered with grass in Sisters Bay Door County,at the beginning I thought it is a fake but watching it I realized that he is a substitute to a lawn mower….

2 Sisters WI                                                                     2 Sisters WI

And how about these sunsets in Sisters Bay as we were attending a concert.

2 Sisters WI2 Sisters WI

I want to take this opportunity to thank my GPS –I could not do it with out you….


John and Carol said...

What an awesome storm cloud. I would have chosen to take pictures too.

John and Carol said...

Great photos! We, too, can't live without our GPS. How did we do it 10 years ago?

Gloria Kazmier said...

Thank you for sharing your amazing pictures of your trip - 2013. My wife (Gloria) and I look forward to looking at your website and learning with you as you travel this beautiful land.