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Our Rig

Friday, August 23, 2013

Apostle Islands WI

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I think I already mentioned that Wisconsin is a beautiful State ,well today I got another proof of that this state is blessed with great landscapes and great body waters.

It took us 45 minutes driving (only with the truck) from Odanah along the scenic HWY 2 & 13 to a very nice small my kind of town Bayfield.

Bayfield and the area has so much to offer ,if it is on land or on the lake (I sometimes forget that is a lake…it looks to me  like a sea as I can not see the other side….) ,chose a hike from many in the area,stroll along the main drag that has restaurants,coffee shops,museums ,take a cruise from the town marina to the Islands or just have a picnic it is all pure pleasure,the whole place feels and smells like one big holiday.

Bayfield WI      Bayfield WI     P1070759

After we did ALL the above we took the afternoon Grand Cruise to the Apostle Islands ,the weather was just perfect and  the additional cloths we brought incase it will be cold were not used.

Before getting on the 4 hour cruise we bought a food basket with stuff we liked so in case we get hungry we will not relay on the food on board .

The Captain did not stop speaking about the Islands feeding the passengers with too many details for any to remember,it was good that there was no quiz at the end ,I am afraid we would all fil the test,any how I was focused on the vistas and gladly sharing them with you all.

Apostle Islands  WIApostle Islands  WIApostle Islands  WIApostle Islands  WIApostle Islands  WI 

                                                Apostle Islands  WIApostle Islands  WI 

Entering the Marina at the sunset was a beautiful sight as the cruise and  the rest of the day.

Bayfield WI                     Bayfield WI

No waterfalls today –may be tomorrow….


Jim and Sandie said...

As beautiful as your cruise was - especially those evening pictures coming into the marina - it's okay if there's no waterfall. You guys sure take gorgeous pictures.

Heidi Anderson said...

It was such a pleasure to meet you two at the Bayfield Maritime Museum. Your zest for life and spirit of adventure are contagious-in a good way of course! We are actively looking at trucks and campers and maybe someday soon we'll reconnect on the backroads of North America. Safe travels and we'll look forward to your posts and photos. Heidi & Terry