Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Duluth MN

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The evening before visiting the city we heard a saver weather warning in our region,so before hitting the sack we lowered the TV antenna and disconnected all electrical appliance s it was recommended on the weather news,we did not go far as closing the slides but we were ready for the worse-it got stormy around 1130PM but nothing really bad ,no tennis ball size hale just wind and heavy rain that the trailer handed successfully.

The next morning was a whole different story,it was summer again… so we drove down to the Ford Duluth to service the truck as planed and booked a day before,on the way to Ford all kind of thoughts run through my mind regarding the service and not all were good-but what a pleasant surprise waited for us,we were excepted immediately with no hassle ,we were given keys to a Ford company car and were told to come back at 4PM.

Duluth Minessota They were efficient,professional and every that was promised was done ,we also ordered 4 new tires(Michelin LMX M2)  which they had to bring overnight,when we arrived for the  service we were told that we will pay  for 3 and get one free (saved 250$)-not bad..

Having the small car we easily toured this beautiful city from the Sky line drive till downtown and the port are watching a big ship entering the port .to do so a huge bridge is lifted up all in one piece and lowered back after the ship passed into the port-as the kids say “COOL”

Duluth Minessota     Duluth Minessota     Duluth Minessota

Killing time we headed to the famous “Grandmother’s” restaurant and had a great meal ,4 beer samples and a huge bloody marry  (there was enough time before I get behind the wheel)

Duluth Minessota                                        Duluth Minessota

The truck was ready as promised and I am happy to say that  it worked as planed .

Tomorrow –hiking in Amicon S.P WI to waterfalls…

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Jim and Sandie said...

Those good reports of service just don't come often enough. Love it when everything works out just as it should with no major problems found. Interesting assortment of beer you had there.