Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Crossing the boarder in SSM

We reached Sault Sue Marie bridge around 3PM ,there was a short waiting line of vehicles waiting to cross from Canada to the US ,from the time we got to the custom boot it took few questions ,forms to be filled and in no time we were in Michigan on the way to the SSM Walmart to get supplies .

Last time we crossed the US customs took all the chicken products we had and some fruits, so this time we decided to cross “empty” –and as the Murphy law works –they did not even go to the trailer…

We did our shopping and replaced the blown trailer tire ( cheaper in the US than in Canada)as it was late and after a long drive we stayed the night in the parking lot with some other RVers.

Actually we do not spend a night in a shopping center but in this case it worked for us ,we could shop late,change a tire ,use the bathroom and stay for free in the parking lot.

In the next morning we drove to Manistique MI and spend a day in the Seney National Wild Life Refuge,the volunteers there are very helpful and nice,we saw  15 minute movie about the biggest refuge in the area and then took a scenic drive followed by a hike.

Seney Nationl wildlife refuge MI             Seney Nationl wildlife refuge MI              Seney Nationl wildlife refuge MI

On the way we saw Swans,Loons,Mushrooms and Osprey nesting.

                                                                                                              Seney Nationl wildlife refuge MI Seney Nationl wildlife refuge MI

Seney Nationl wildlife refuge MI                  Seney Nationl wildlife refuge MI                  Seney Nationl wildlife refuge MI

The nature there is  close ,beautiful,smelly,powerful and if you listen closely –music can be herd and great connection is made.

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