Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Door County Wisconsin

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Door County has it all,this “finger” is drawn into the Michigan Lake creating on the West the Green Bay ,it has number of beautiful small towns along the long coast leaving agriculture land in the center,many marinas ,wineries,sandy beaches and great S.P with scenic hikes .

During the 4 days we managed to hike,go to 2 concerts,eat the local Fish Boil and enjoy the atmosphere this place brings as you “take it easy” in this fantastic county.

Baileys Bay WIBaileys Bay WICave Point Park WICave Point Park WI

Egg Harbor WIPeninsula S.P WIPeninsula S.P WIP1070514

Egg Harbor WIEgg Harbor WIPeninsula S.P WICave Point Park WI

In the winter the county  gets almost “empty” but in the summer it is a huge play ground for the whole family but even though we did not feel “crowded”,if the weather would hold like in the summer it sure would be a paradise.

We saw some huge house with lake view and a yacht “parked” on the dock stretched into the lake from their property….WooooW ,isn’t there a law against these kind of things…but jokes aside we visited the County all the way and forgot all the worlds troubles.


Jim and Sandie said...

Trying to get caught up with where everybody is. We have never been to that area of the country but it looks beautiful.

Contessa said...

We have never been in that area and will add it to our list. You are great travel ambassadors.