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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Black River Waterfalls Michigan

Black River Waterfalls MI

Along the last    9.5 Miles of the Black River just before it drops into the Superior Lake there are 5 big  beautiful waterfalls,all but Rainbow Falls can be reached from the Black River National Scenic Byway.

To see the full drop of the Rainbow Falls we had to cross the suspended  bridge at Black river Harbor to the East side of the gorge and hike 3/4 mile towards the lookout.

Black River Harbor MI

Some are visible after a short easy walk from the parking lot and some are between half a mile and 3/4 of a mile walk one way,but if you like to get to the bottom of the falls and walk on the rocks it is a a strenuous walk from the top of the gorge going down and latter of course going up….

We as “Waterfall Lovers” could not skip this opportunity , so we left the trailer in the Odanah Casino C.G and got to the first Waterfall at 11M   ,although the lady in the Welcome Center told us that we can see all the five waterfalls in “a couple if hours” it took us around 5 hours to complete the tour,so or she took a scooter from one waterfall to the next one without spending time next to each one  or she was never there.

We took our sweet time to see the falls from the observation points and get to the bottom of each to feel the power of the water and walk on the rocks,this powerful nature creation never stops amazing me although I hiked many waterfalls.

Gorge Falls  -Black River Waterfalls MISandstone Falls  -Black River Waterfalls MISandstone Falls  -Black River Waterfalls MIRainbow Falls -Black River Falls MIRainbow Falls -Black River Falls MI 

                                      Sandstone Falls  -Black River Waterfalls MI

The end of this Scenic Road leads to a beach and the to the Black Harbor Marina ,great place to get the sweat away and wash the dirty sandals.

Black River Harbor MIBlack River Harbor MIBlack Hobor MIBlack Hobor MI

It is a great place for hikes,fisherman , waterfall lovers and to think that the day started with rain…

I hope this post will compensate the others that were without waterfalls.


Jim and Sandie said...

It does, it does, it does. I think you should have had a talk with that couple of hours lady.

Contessa said...

She probably just took a quick look and did not take the time to appreciate the beauty of it all. Once again thanks for the tour.

Donna K said...

Wow, such beautiful waterfalls. I enjoyed the photos.