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Our Rig

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chutes P.P Ontario

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We got an invitation from our friends in White Fish Falls ON to visit them for a few days before we cross the boarder to Michigan in SSM,we wanted to meet them again  and visit this fantastic  area that is loaded with  lakes and islands so it was not  really difficult to except their invitation.

We settled down comfortably in their property with electric&water connection and did some catching up since we saw them 3 years ago.

                                                                                                                                     White Fish Falls ON

The next day we took off to hike and visit Chutes P.P (Called after the log Chutes that were built there to move logs down stream) just 50 KM North West near Massy,the park has a big C.G ,Water Falls and  6 KM trail called The Twin Bridges Trail that incorporates three viewing platforms,two bridges , a spectacular views of the River aux Sables  and the Seven Sisters Rapids.

The trail is easy and follows the river bank but if you chose to get closer to the waters it becomes rugged and some times slippery (this did not stop us from moving from the main trail and walking on the rocks).

Chutes P.P ONChutes P.P ONChutes P.P ONChutes P.P ONChutes P.P ONChutes P.P ONChutes P.P ON There were many places free of people and off the beaten path that we liked,add to it the great weather so make it a perfect day-even this squirrel was having a good time….

Squarle                   Squarle

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Jim and Sandie said...

Gorgeous. That looks like a healthy squirrel. Scooter would love to chase that one. I cannot find the phone number for your friends. Please send it to me again.