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Our Rig

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ontario with our 13 years old grandson

We are continuing our tradition  taking one grandkid as a Barmiva/Batmizva present   (girl 12 and boy 13)for  a one month RV trip,this year Paz (13) joins us after his sister did 3 years ago.

Since we started this arrangement the grandkids are waiting their turn and counting the time that  passes “very slowly “ as they say.

I planned  the first month in Ontario,taking into consideration the grandkids interests such as Wonderland Toronto,CN Tower,Niagara area,P.Parks along Erie Lake,Marine World and days hikes.

Paz has finished his school year on 20 July and we were on the plane to Toronto 3 days later  and stayed with our youngest son  4 days touring in Toronto  before we picked the rig from the storage place.

We managed to service the truck,buy groceries and arrange the trailer  in  2 full  hard days and pulled the 5W  to Hamilton area where we “camped” in a friends driveway for 3 days to tour the area attractions .

                                                                                                                                         Caming in freinds driveway

During the last days  we hiked 5 waterfalls,visited the “big boats” that docked in Hamilton’s marina and later attended a Rib Fest till 7PM-wow great days…. I will let the pictures “talk”

Borer's Falls Hamilton OntarioTew's Falls Hamilton OntarioWebster Falls Hamilton OntarioWebster Falls Hamilton OntarioWebster Falls Hamilton Ontario Picknic areaHamilton marinaHamilton-Rib FestHamilton-Rib FestHamilton-Rib FestHamilton-Rib Fest

One thing is for sure being one on one with only one grandkid is a very good/interesting experience and we are happy that they want to join us and that are able to do it.

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Jim and Sandie said...

What a fantastic time. Paz looks like he's having so much fun. Love those waterfalls. And the rib fest definitely caught my attention. Have a wonderful summer. Looking forward to "our" hikes.

Karen and Tony said...

Welcome back to the US! Looks like everyone is having a great time!

Contessa said...

Creating wonderful memories that will never be forgotten.