Our Rig

Our Rig

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pow Wow–White Fish Lake Ontario+Onaping Falls

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The annual Pow Wow took place in the native territory in the beautiful surrounding of a lake.

It was not our first time to experience this colorful,traditional ,dancing event but we really enjoyed it very much.

The dancers from all ages including small kids got into the mood and it was difficult to stay sited and not join the dancing circle.

There was pride in the dance and respect to the elders which I wish was more in our society.

White Fish Lake OntarioWhite Fish Lake OntarioWhite Fish Lake OntarioWhite Fish Lake OntarioWhite Fish Lake Ontario

After 3 hours and a Navaho Taco we drove together with Susan & Harry to Onaping for a short 2Mile hike to see the beautiful Onaping Falls,we got luck with the weather and almost did not get wet.


Onaping Falls ON


Onaping Falls ON                                                                                       Onaping Falls ON

We ended  this another perfect day in a  Thai restaurant and some Irish cream with ice cream at Susan’s and Harry’s house-can’t ask for a better company and day like this one.


Jim and Sandie said...

From Navajo to Thai - quite the culinary adventure. Thanks for the Falls.

Contessa said...

You certainly do get around. Enjoying all your posts.