Our Rig

Our Rig

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Off the grid party in Crab Fish Lake ON

Map picture

We were invited by Nicky&Grant to  a family party in a cottage along Crab Fish Lake that is located South of White Fish Falls,the cottage is equipped with solar energy that provides the necessary electricity and is very isolated.

We  reached the cottage by a boat (the only way to get there) and were greeted by a fantastic ,happy group of people.

Crab Lake Ontario   Crab Lake Ontario   Crab Lake Ontario    Crab Lake Ontario

The surroundings were breath taking and the atmosphere inside was just perfect,it was loud,funny,interesting and very tasty.

Crab Lake OntarioCrab Lake OntarioCrab Lake OntarioCrab Lake OntarioCrab Lake Ontario

We are very thankful to be invited and to be able to spend time with this nice group of people.

The way back was when it started to get dark ,cold and after the margaritas even “dangerous”,but we all got home in one piece singing all the way….

                                                                                                                                       Crab Lake Ontario 

What a day what a great experience and especially what great people.

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