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Our Rig

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Murphy NC


20-21 Sep

If you like to camp surrounded by nature, with a running brook, full hook-ups, private bathrooms /toilets and close to Americas Byway Cherohala Skyway (part of it is in TN and part in NC)then look for Crawford’s Campground & Cabin Rental in Murphy NC ,13$ for Passport America members.

The owner is very helpful and welcoming, he directed us to a close by beautiful waterfall and viewpoints that only few people know about, without his hand sketch map we would never find the place, there are no signs anywhere, at one point we asked a local directions just to make sure that we are on the right trek not realizing that we are just a mile away and the person did not know what we are talking about, just to show you what kind of a “secret” this place is.

If any of you wants directions to a great natural waterfall and a view point with 360 degrees of outstanding view in this area, just ask and I will mail you directions.

It was a great day, the weather was good and the vision from the top of the Cherohala Skyway (5600'Ft.) was as far as the horizon, the bakery in Tellico Plains TN (Junction of Hwy 68&Hwy165) served delicious homemade bread sandwiches and we felt like flying through some kind of unreal world-as some might say it was too good to be true and if you get lost in your travels this is the place to get lost, even the GPS got lost…

I cannot put in words (especially with my English)what we felt seeing and going through this unspoiled beautiful part of the country, so take a look -one pictures is more than a 1000 words and even then it cannot transmit the whole picture, but this is the best I can do.



Peter + Beatrix said...

That viewpoint seems to be worth to be seen by more people. Wouldn't mind if you did mail the directions to me. NC is not too too far for us and we might get down there again one day. email is: peterharweth@yahoo.ca

Thank you and HAPPY TRAILS!

Peter + Beatrix said...

Thanks Danny! Yes, I see there was a typo in that email address. I have keyboard issues with the R. Sometimes it doesn't show.

Jim and Sandie said...

Found your blog through Wheelin It. Hope you don't mind if I join you on your journey. Not sure when we'll get back to that area but I'm bookmarking this for future reference.

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Hi Jim&Sandie,
Welcome and thank you for your interest in our blog.
Pop in at any given time,leave a comment or just browse around.
Many Happy Trails.

Contessa said...

I have the feeling that this year might be your best ever in the USA!!! You seem to be having one special adventure after another. I'm begiining to thin you should do a travel bool!

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Hi Contessa,
Thank you for your comments,actually all the 10 last summers were just one adventure after another.
In 2002 we stayed a week with an Indian Tribe in Alaska mountains,A year after we worked in Wyoming ranch branding cattle and so on and on...it is really LIVING LIFE experiance for us.