Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Central Hill Lake TN

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We took a 100Km ride East towards Central Hill Lake COE C.G, as all COE C.G this too is located on a beautiful lake and has good size of sites with water & electrical hook-ups.

Next to the C.G there is a large Marina filled with large and beautiful boathouses including one that belongs to Al Gore.

The C.G RV sites are built in levels because of the sloops and this gives ones that are not on the water still be able to have a water view.

As we came in we meet this great couple named Eric and Ronda that came down for a day, we had only a short time together but managed to “solve” most of the world’s problems….the ones that we still did not solve we left till we meet again.


On this beautiful day we took a ride down to Rock Island S.P (N 35.80472 W-85.63028) to hike and see the Twin Falls, first we drove to the lookout where we could see the huge size of this fantastic falls and although it was the end of summer the falls were strong and mighty.

After that we drove to other side of the river and hiked the Great falls (2Miles)at its lower part close to the river, all the way we walked in water and could see the falls starting way high above us till the vale small waterfalls just close to us, it was an unusual magnificent sight.

We took a picnic break and continued to Burgess Falls S.P (N36.04359 W-85.59833) although we felt that after the last fall’s it was imposable to take at the same day.

But the Burgess Falls were another pleasant surprise; the falls were massive, high and wide, only if some could be diverted to dry areas…..the hike was easy and a round trip was around 1.5Mile long.


We took a DAY OFF relaxing around the beautiful lake, at noon we drove down to the Marina and got connected to the WiFi to check our mail.


We took of early to Virgin Falls Designated State Natural Area just 50 miles from the C.G, on the way we stopped in Sparta information center to get a hiking map of the trail and continued to the trailhead.

The loop is 8 miles long passing Big Branch Falls, Big Laurel Falls and Virgin falls, some parts were quite rough but rewording at the end.

As it was the end of summer we did not see much water on the way to Virgin Falls and even thought to back up instead going all the way (Virgin Falls is at the end of the trail and the last fall)but something told us to go on and we are happy we did it (see pictures).

I must mention that the trail marking is very poor and in one case misleading, we “lost” our way few times and hikes extra unnecessary miles till we found out that we are on the wrong trek; even the map did not help.

At the falls we meet Chris & Mike, the only couple that was hiking this long trail; it was nice to do all the way back to the parking lot with them together, we do hope to meet them again when we will be in their area.

It was dark when got back “home” and felt like we were after a boot camp….but a nice one….


John and Carol said...

What beautiful places you are visiting, with great hikes and great people along the way. We will have to visit Tennessee again and see some of those places.

wheelingit said...

Some gorgeous spots you're hitting in TN. Love the evening shot by the COE lake!