Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chattanooga TN



We chose to stay in Camping World C.G which is close to downtown and the other attractions we wanted to visit.

The C.G is nothing fancy but has full hook-ups, cable TV, pool, WiFi (from the CW sales waiting lounge), the sites are long and levelled but close one to another, the C.G was not full and there enough space between the trailers.

Chattanooga is nestled between the mountains: Signal Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Racoon Mountain and Missionary Ridge.

The Tennessee River runs through Chattanooga, 3 bridges connect both sides of the city; one of them is the longest pedestrian bridge.

There are several view points from the surrounding mountains into the Grand Canyon of the Tennessee River and the downtown area.

Add to this a lovely Downtown area with many restaurants, shops, ChooChoo Old Train Station, Bluff View Art District and free summer concerts along the river and you have a good excuse to stop for few days.

16 Sep

After settling in the C.G we wondered around the CW shop and took a look at some new RV that were for sale and then used the lounge to get online and check our e-mails.

17 Sep

*A day in Downtown that included:

*Walk along the river and the pedestrian bridge.

*We took the free shuttle to Choo Choo Old Train Station and a visited the Toy Train Museum.

*Lunch in Sticky Fingers a local BBQ dinner(Ribs,Chicken)-great food.

*Drive to the Signal Point that has great view to the Tennessee River.

*Concert in the park along the river, listening to music and watching boats sale by.

By 1030PM we were back and as you can imagine had no problems sleeping through the night……


The farmers market was a real treat, local restaurants had a completion going on ,for 8$ you got to taste 8 samples from deferent restaurants and then voted for the one you liked the most, there was live music, fresh produce ,beer, wine and many other vendors.

We got ourselves some good fresh vegetables, goat cheese (which we love) and some herbs.

On the way back we popped into a Wal-Mart to get some presents for the kids and grandkids.

All this shopping activity made us thirsty and tired and at 5PM we headed home to cool ourselves in the AC.

The CW was closed so NO WiFi today….

19 Sep

Today was our “Tourist “ day, we drove to Lookout Mountain to visit Ruby Falls ,the tallest and deepest underground waterfall, it is 1120 feet underground (do not worry there is an elevator)and fall from 260 feet high,the tour is an hour and beside the falls many stalagmite /stalactites’ can be seen.

Then we drove to Rock City (crossed to GA without noticing) and walked the 1700 feet above sea level place to see SEVEN States from the observation point. The place is a beautiful botanical and geological wonder between natural rocks. Some of the paths are between “crakes” in the rocks so one might want to skip a meal before heading there.

We crossed back to Tennessee to a battle field at the Point Park where at 1863 Federal and Confederate armies clashed in some of the Civil War’s hardest fighting; it also has a fantastic view point on Chattanooga and the Tennessee River.

Just heard a short joke “How do you call a fish without an eye?”FSHHHH…(a little stupid ah..but funny)

That’s it for this beautiful area, moving tomorrow to Murphy NC.

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Toyin O. said...

Great picture, thanks for sharing

Contessa said...

You are making me tired with all that walking! Did you really see 7 states from that one point??

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Sorry Contessa ,did not mean in any way to make you tired...Anyhow we did see 7 States as pointed out by the Marker and by the way today we saw 4 States from a view point not far from Tellico Point TN in the Smoky Mountain area,I will post it later tonight.
Thanks and be careful in Mexico...

Contessa said...

We are always careful in Mexico and enjoy it fully.

Glad to hear you really actually saw all those states from the one spot.