Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our small garden in December

There is no balance in the world ,some places are flooded and some are dry as a bone,some have to much snow and some never experienced the magic of the white flake,some places are over crowded and in some you can walk days with out seeing another person.

We would like very much to have snow now as the Holidays are approaching but instead  we took advantage of a sunny warm weather  in our region to do some work in the garden – You can’t have it all…..

Our dear friends the Padgett’s  were kind enough to send us Flower Bulbs all the way from Indiana and today they found their way to the “Holy soil in our garden”.

Flower bulbs from the Padgett's IndianaFlower bulbs from the Padgett'sPlanting the flower bulbsGeneral view of the gardenPlanted bulbOur gardenFountain cornerThe Cactus corner

Happy Holidays to you all.

I once asked a person from the 10000 lakes State (Minnesota)to give us one lake,it will double the number of lakes we have and they will not feel a thing...somehow it did not work..


Peter + Beatrix said...

What a beautiful garden spot.

Contessa said...

Such a lovely garden. Loved all the words in your post. FYI, Mom just went into surgery.

Contessa said...

Feliz Navidad!!