Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ashville area NC

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6 Oct-12 Oct

October is considered a high season in the area due to the foliage colors on the trees, we felt it first hand when we were turned down trying to reserve 2 sites on line in Lake Powhatan C.G –“No reserve sites are available” was the response on the website “Only first come first served”…. So we took off at 9AM from Pigeon Forge taking the scenic route north of the smoke's and arrived at 11:30 Am to the C.G.

After checking the bookings we finally got 2 spots with electrical hook-ups but in different loops, we thanked the ladies and after an hour got settled in this beautiful C.G recommended by “wheeling it”-Thanks Nina.

Lake Powhatan NC C.G Beach                                       Lake Powhatan NC C.G Beach

The rest of the day we spent in beautiful Ashville downtown, the town is full with bars, restaurants, nice shops and many young people- the city is ALIVE and exciting.

As the sun was getting low we took advantage of a great place to sit and have a huge pie (like a pizza) with a pint of beer and salad, it was the right thing in the right time…What a day…

Ashville NC downtown

On 7 Oct we took off to the beautiful Chimney Rock N.P and town.

I do not want to go into the physical fitness of the people climbing all those hundred of stairs (the elevator was out of order) but the view from the top is OUTSTANDING…and very rewarding.

View from Chimney Rock NCView from Chimney Rock NCStairs to Chimney Rock NC

Chimney Rock NCChimney Rock NCView from Chimney Rock NC


Collage of the Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock NC-all the way...

By the time we got off the Rock we were ready for our picnic that was waiting for us in the cool box in the truck, finding a nice place for picnic was the easiest task of the day and we sat by the creek and enjoyed it while looking up to the Rock with satisfaction.

A great ice cream parlour in the beautiful small town of Chimney Rock supplied us exactly what we needed to top our picnic meal.

The “Lady “ on my GPS took us back “home” using back scenic roads full of fields, hills and changing color leaves…..I put a Luis Armstrong song ”What a wonderful world” and felt exactly as he when singing these words.

Chimney Rock NC-Folaige

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8 Oct-We headed to Old Fort and Marion NC,Old Fort has a long history where a battle took place against the British and the Cherokee people, a nice museum and a small Fort that is renovated these days tell the story of the place.

In Marion there was a fest going on with vendors, food and music all this in a beautiful village and great weather.

Marion NC-Fest

In the evening we built a fire enjoyed each other’s company till the wood ran out…

9 Oct-We shopped in the huge Farmer’s Market, visited the beautiful colourful Baltimore old village and went to a Bonsai show where everyone treated the plant like it is their only child..-they were impressive and beautiful plants.

Downtown Chattanooga TN-BonzaiFarmers Market-Ashville NC

Bilmore Village Ashville NCBilmore Village Ashville NC


Ashville NC -Arbaratorium

Black Mountains area NC

How much can one push his luck???? The weather changed and it poured all night and the next day as well, but is this small detail going to close us in the trailer? No way, we took off to Hot Springs NC and enjoyed one hour soaking in a hot tub in front of a river in the small well located community of Hot Springs.

A waitress with a heavy Southern accent in the local dinner served us with the local juicy burger and some cold tea, it took us a while to understand her but it was kind of charming.

There was no trace of the moister on the next day, the sky was blue cloudless and the beautiful communities of Black Mountain and Montreat were perfect for a short day visit.

Black Mountain NC has one main street packed with small stores, coffee shops and a nostalgic atmosphere surrounded with mountains all around what makes it even more attractive.

Montreat is just few minutes away from Black Mountain also nestled between the mountain range is a attracting people to retreat in its outstanding Inn next to a lake and the foliage at this time only adds to its beauty.

This ends our week stay in Ashville area which continually supplied us with great vistas, drives; hikes, falls and great nature-it sure is located in one of the most beautiful places in the area, so we are saying Sayonara….and not GOOD BYE..



Anonymous said...

SOOOOO happy you guys got in at that park and are enjoying the area! We loved it!

John and Carol said...

Several years ago we volunteered at Bryce Canyon NP. We were amazed at how many Americans wouldn't hike anywhere. But international visitors, who made up 40% of those who came, could and did hike a lot.