Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, July 7, 2014

Steelville MO

From Dixon MO we drove the back roads to Steelville MO and used Candy Cane C.G that has only 20 sites some with full hook ups and some only with W/E,they also have a pool and new restrooms.

The price for P.A members on a P/T site with full hook ups was 13$ in he week days.

After a short rest we took off to the Information Center in Steelville and got some details on hikes,canoeing and floating in the area.

From there we drove to Maramec Spring Park just 12 Miles down the road.

The Park is an 1860 acres wild life refuge and park owned by the James Foundation and it is 5$ for a day use.

Maramec Spring Park -Steelville MO

Maramec Springs is the 5th largest spring in the state of Missouri with an average daily flow of 96,000,000 gallons of water , the water bubbles up from more than 350 feet below the surface of the earth.

Maramec Spring Park -Steelville MO Maramec Spring Park -Steelville MO

Maramec Spring Park -Steelville MO P1090402

It is also one of 4 trout parks located in Missouri , the pools are full with different size of trout's before they are realised to the river.

Maramec Spring Park -Steelville MO  Maramec Spring Park -Steelville MOMaramec Spring Park -Steelville MO

The park also has a C.G,open pit quarry,shelters,picnic tables and an old iron factory.

Maramec Spring Park -Steelville MO Maramec Spring Park -Steelville MO

Maramec Spring Park -Steelville MO

It is very organized ,easy to hike/drive around and enjoy the beautiful shady ,green place.

We were lucky to take a shot of this colourful woodpecker sitting there posing for us.

Maramec Spring Park -Steelville MO   Maramec Spring Park -Steelville MOP1090391 

On the way “home” we stopped next to an old cabin that was used by the settlers in the 18 century.

Maramec Spring Park -Steelville MO  Maramec Spring Park -Steelville MO

This was a great day and there was nothing better than to have a good meal with wine-LEHAIM…

                      Steelville MO


Karen and Tony said...

Maramec Spring Park looks like a nice little park. I'm surprised that it's not a state park. It's going on our list to see the next time we're in Missouri!

Is it really hot in Missouri now?

Jim and Sandie said...

You do find the nicest places. That woodpecker is beautiful.

Danny &Shula Oren said...

It is hot and humid ,but last night we had a mini storm over us and I had to get the awning down in the middle of the night...it is clearing up now, a little windy and cool.
But as I can not control the weather I do not waist energy on it and just going along with it.

R&R Chapter III said...

Maramec Springs. Wow.
Woodpecker. 10.
Tachnis Et Habeten!