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Our Rig

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Jasper AR area

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Jasper is a tiny beautiful town next to Ozark National Forest, it is surrounded by rare natural beauty such as rivers,mountains,caves and waterfalls.

Jasper AR

We chose to camp in a C.G on scenic HWY 7 between Harrison & Jasper,it is a simple C.G with shady sites,full hook ups,WiFi,CTV and friendly owners.

We found out that Arkansas waterfalls are some times dry during the summer months and we preferred to hike those with water but could not find this information on the net or from the locals,so our guess was to drive to the Buffalo River Ranger’s office and we hit the jack pot.

The young lady was very knowable and gave us all the information we need-What and Where.

Our first target was Twin/Triple Falls

Twin Falls AR  Twin Falls ARTwin Falls AR 

As you can see it was far away from full swing,but never the less a beautiful refreshing spot.

It is only .25 M hike from the TH,but getting to the TH driving the truck I almost lost all my screws and bolts….the gravel 5M road is very steep and bumpy the fact that the kind young ranger failed to mention.

After this stressful drive and visit to the falls we relaxed in the shade for a short picnic.

Twin Falls AR  Twin Falls AR

Now that our belly was satisfied we drove another half an hour to Lost Valley ,here we hiked 2.5M R/T to see Eldin Falls,Eldin Cave  and a natural bridge.

 Lost Valley AR    Lost Valley ARLost Valley AR

But to see all this we had to hike 1M on a pretty good gravel trail that later changed to rough trail with steep steps,then enter a wet cave with flashlights and crawl on 4 till we got out from the other side  ,but who said that we went for a “picnic”…..it was a lot of fun but not for everyone.


Lost Valley AR    Lost Valley ARLost Valley AR    Lost Valley AR

Here too the waterfall was “dripping” and we we wrote down to come again immediately after the rainy season.

As if this outstanding beautiful nature was not enough for today ,we saw this panorama on the way back to our C.G

Ozarks Mountains AR

Ozark at its best.

Mind you this is only our first day in the area there is more to come and discover.


Jim and Sandie said...

I can just imagine how incredible those falls would be after a nice good rain. But I can't believe you crawled to get through the cave. You guys really are determined.

Scott Noble said...

We are gonna go check out some falls you recommended since it rained so much yesterday they should be flowing great..it was great meeting you guys in our biker store