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Our Rig

Friday, July 25, 2014

Blue Spring AR

Map picture

On our last day on Beaver Lake we took a short scenic drive to Blue Spring the one we planned to see yesterday but because of the storm missed it.

I already mentioned the beauty of the Ozark Mountains but driving the scenic routes makes it difficult for the driver to really see the whole scope of this magnificent panorama,so on the way we did some stops and that is that we saw.

White River near Beaver Lake AR

The Beaver lake , the dam and the C.G we stayed seen on the left side of the right picture.

Beaver Lake AR  Beaver Lake AR 

The Blue Spring is currently privately own and charges 9.75$ entry fee,it is the largest spring in North West Arkansas pumping 38 Million gallons of pure water daily into the White River.

Blue Springs AR

Blue Springs AR Blue Springs ARBlue Springs AR Blue Springs AR

In March 1839 Blue Spring was a stop over on the Trail of Tears for the Cherokee people on their march from Echoto , Georgia and some of the the shelters can still be seen.

                    Blue Springs AR

In mid 1840’s Blue Spring mill was built 300 feet downstream and was powered by the water,but in was burned during the civil war and replaced in 1903 by a new mill which was a combination of a saw,grist flour mill.

Blue Springs AR Blue Springs AR

We will be leaving Beaver Lake C.O.E C.G tomorrow to Jasper area which is “loaded” accordingly to the internet with waterfalls,I do hope we will see WATER running in them and not hear again “there was a poor rainy season ,so…”

All the best.

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Donna W. said...

ah the hunt for the ever elusive waterfall ! again some gorgeous pictures