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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pedestal Rocks AR

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50 miles South of Jasper AR between Pelsor and Ben Hur the amazing site of Pedestal Rocks is located.

There are two hikes from the same TH ,one to Pedestal Rocks 2.2 Miles RT and the second King’s Bluff 1.9 RT.


We started hiking the Pedestal Rocks taking only water with us leaving the picnic box in the truck to eat between the hikes.

The trail description suggested hiking the trail on top of the bluff , but if we would follow the written instructions we would be walking on the bluff and have limited vision of the Pedestal,caves and arches.

These are the sights from the top trail.

Pedestral Rocks AR  Pedestral Rocks ARPedestral Rocks AR

We found few trails leading from the top main one to the bottom of the rocks and found a whole bunch of caves ,arches connected by trails created by earlier curios visitors as  ourselves.

Pedestral Rocks AR  Pedestral Rocks AR

Pedestral Rocks AR  Pedestral Rocks ARPedestral Rocks AR  Pedestral Rocks ARPedestral Rocks AR

Walking the lower trail gave us the real prospective of these amazing high Rocks,at the whole time we did not meet a single soul,it was like entering and imaginative outside world.

By now we understood that Waterfalls is not going to be the “thing” in Arkansas only because the falls are feed by rain and not running rivers…but these Rocks were a very good substitute.

We enjoyed the two hikes so much  that we forgot all about the time and as it started to get late we stopped in a local restaurant in Jasper on the way home to have a great home made dinner,it was a great meal after a great day.

Jasper AR


Jim and Sandie said...

Incredible rock formations. I'll take those since there aren't any waterfalls. Nature is beautiful no matter what.

John and Carol said...

I love those caves and rocks!

Donna W. said...

do you know what caused these unusual formations?? ancient river?? Love that you take a pic with Shula in the cave as it really gives perspective as to size.