Our Rig

Our Rig

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mammoth Springs & Norfork Lake AR

If some one was wondering why sometimes more than one post appears on the blog ,the reason is simple- not always I have WiFi available so I write the post off line on windows live writer till I have  internet connection .

Not only I did not have internet but also no cell service in some remote parks like the one on Clear Lake MO that belongs to the C.O.E.

This morning we left the C.G and headed towards Norfork Lake in Arkansas, the hilly road was just like in a play ground where kids drive small cars,Shula took this picture through the windshield as we drove by.


On the way we stopped at the welcome center in Mammoth Springs S.P to collect some information and tour the park.

Mammot Springs AR Mammot Springs ARMammot Springs AR

It was a great place to sop and stretch the legs.

Another 80 miles and we were in Forklake AZ entering the outstanding C.O.E C.G

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