Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, July 14, 2014

Clear Water Lake MO area

There are a few S.P located near the lake we wanted to see so we chose the Corps Of Engineer C.G on the lake to be our base for the next 4 days.

Using the scenic HWY 49 we stopped for a break in an old non operating gas station , calling this picture “ a refuelling stop….”

Hwy 49 MO-Refulling stop...

When we arrived to the C.G we found a note at the entrance that the office is closed for 2 days, so we looked around to find a site and come later to check in ,but all the site were either occupied or reserved except one,so we asked the ranger that was on his patrol if this is OK for us to take this site? he looked at the label and said” go ahead” and so we did.

In no time we made “friends” with a whole bunch of people that came together, shared a beer and past the time talking about our and their RV adventures.

At dusk after dinner we took a short walk to the river just behind our site, the water was shallow and it was possible to cross to the other bank.

Clear Water Lake C.O.E MO Clear Water Lake C.O.E MO

In the following day after a light breakfast we took off to Taum  Sauk S.P to hike  3Mile to the largest waterfall in Missouri (that was the information on the internet),it was hot and humid along the trail

Taum Sauk S.P MO

but I was sure to be compensated when we will reach finally the falls, but that was what we saw at the falls….

Taum Sauk S.P MO

A trickle…and as one hike from the area said” there was not enough rain in the area and most of the MO falls look like this one”, so with a little of disappointment we made our way back to the TH and drove to Elephant Rock S.P to see some rocks ,they do not need rain to be large….

It is a beautiful unusual park , with a short trail and climbing some rocks this is what we saw:

Elephant Rock S.P MO Elephant Rock S.P MOElephant Rock S.P MOElephant Rock S.P MOElephant Rock S.P MO

There is a long explanation about how it happened but in a nut shell it was created over million of years when “plates” moved creating pressure and moving this stones to the surface.

Well now after the “great falls” we felt much better and decided to make even better so we drove another 15 Miles to  Johnson’s Shut-In S.P and took a dive into this unbelievable natural water paradise, Our timing was perfect , it was 5PM and many were on the way out when we were getting in.

Johnson'S Shut-Ins S.P MO  Johnson'S Shut-Ins S.P MOJohnson'S Shut-Ins S.P MO Johnson'S Shut-Ins S.P MO 

                             Johnson'S Shut-Ins S.P MO

This  “washed” away the dust from the whole day and made us forget the waterfall disappointment.

Coming back to the C.G at 8PM , a surprise was waiting for us-someone said that we took their site and although there was another one available THEY WANTED that one only , the ranger showed up and asked us to move to another site ,apologising for the whole thing , there was nothing to do but move  in the dark to the new site just 2 sites away that was actually was better than the one we stayed.

All the people around us were upset and helped us to make the move , some with flashlights and some with advice.

At the end we got to stay 4 nights paying for only 3-this was the way the camp said “sorry and thank you”

Any how I like driving the rig at night especially backing it up….WHAT A DAY..

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John and Carol said...

Some good and some not-so-good, I guess. Sorry about the waterfall and the people who had you move. But you found helpful people and some good water.
We love COE parks. They usually have great, large sites.