Our Rig

Our Rig

Friday, July 18, 2014

Blanchard Springs AR

On our last day camping at Forklake C.O.E we took a day trip to Blanchard Springs ,a hidden jewel just North of Mountain View AR and the Azark Folk Center.

On the way we crossed a long bridge on the Forklake driving South towards Calico Rock AR.

Fortlalke AR Bridge

Calico Rock AR is nestled on the White River and was once a blooming town  but after a huge fire in 1923 became close to a ghost town ,trying very hard to bounce back, but I must say there is a pleasant atmosphere in the Historic small town of Calico Rock.

Calico Rock AR

There is a very nice museum and a visitor center ,but very few people are seen around,we could easily stand in the middle of the Main str. and take this shot.

Calico Rock AR  Calico Rock AR

We were approached by a real estate agent that tried to sell us a Motel and/or house sleeping 15 people ,but it did not work for us,so if someone is interested I still have his business card. ..

We did find a nice place for a quick picnic along the river and we were happy to bring some food with us as there is no place in town that one could get something to eat, so here is a thought –open a restaurant….

We continued South on a scenic HWY towards Blanchard Springs, it must have been a real secret as there were no signs along the deserted HWY , we almost turned around but saw a promising sign on the HWY exactly 2 miles from the Spring.

The first part of the Springs is seen from the road with no warning what so ever ,no sign or a parking area indicated that this is a place we should stop to see the old mill and the waterfall,what gave us the clue were 2 cars parking along the road.

Blanchard Springs ARBlanchard Springs ARBlanchard Springs AR

We took a short unmarked 1/2 mile trail that leaded under the bridge and to the bottom of the waterfall passing this old mill , we were alone on the trail when others stayed on the platform above the falls and missed the best part.

On the way I was asked by Shula to take a picture  of these flowers , seeing them now I am happy I did.

Caliko Rock AR  Caliko Rock ARBlanchard Springs AR  Blanchard Springs AR

Walking further along the creek we reached the source of the spring and I must say that it sure was a very beautiful corner in the whole park that also accommodates a big cave which we did not visit .

Blanchard Springs AR

Blanchard Springs AR  Blanchard Springs AR

Although we are only 5 days in Arkansas but I already started to like it very much….

I am sure Sandie will be happy to finally see Waterfall and I can promise more will follow.

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Jim and Sandie said...

That first picture is beyond awesome. And then I saw the second one - WOW. Thanks guys. I'm behind on blog reading but trying to catch up.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

We know you will like Arkansas, lots to see, Are you going to stop in Hot Springs.Donna & I have been watching with interest what is gong on in your home country. We pray your home is not in the missile target area. I have confidence your armed forces will take care of this matter forthwit.Have fun and enjoy your remaining holidays.We miss you. Sam & Donna.

John and Carol said...

What a stunning waterfall. Arkansas is such a beautiful state.
As Sam said, Hot Springs in interesting. We volunteered there several years ago.

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Hi Sam,Yes Hot Springs is on our plans,thanks for everything.