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Our Rig

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Eureka Springs & Beaver Lake C.O. C.G AR

The C.O.E C.G are usually located near to a dam and a lake ,they also have electrical and sometimes also water hook ups ,so we chose to camp on C.O.E C.G on Beaver Lake just 10 miles from Eureka Springs AR.

Map picture

Beaver Lake C.O.E C.GC

Beaver Lake C.O.E C.G

Our site was on the “Island” and I think that the pictures tell it all,what a great beautiful C.G ,clear water,great views and only 10$ for seniors.

Our site was few feet from the water and had only electrical connection,but the site was unlevelled and I had to use 3 boards on one side of the trailer to get it right.

Beaver Lake C.O.E C.G

Beaver Lake C.O.E C.GThere is a lot of activities on the lake mainly water-skiing and other fast boats running from one side to the other.

The evenings are just peaceful with great sunsets ,so after the evening swim we took a stroll through the C.G catching some beautiful sunset shots.

Beaver Lake C.O.E C.G  Beaver Lake C.O.E C.GBeaver Lake C.O.E C.G  Beaver Lake C.O.E C.G 

The bugs were not to bad to have a dinner outdoors watching the boats go by ..

                    Beaver Lake C.O.E C.G

The next day was dedicated to Eureka Springs and the close area, the town is very beautiful but very difficult to get around with a car, parking is very difficult to find  near the major attractions  , the other options are to use meters (if you find a parking space) or leave the car at a central location and use the tourist trolley (for both you must pay).

Walking around this hilly town is not a preferred option in a hot humid day, but looking at the map we just got at the tourist center we found that there are many “springs” and after finding a parking spot went Spring hunting by foot BUT they were very hard to find and local people were no help…we finally saw a guy watering a small garden and he told us that when we see some other like this garden it is a SPRING, and not knowing we were standing exactly next to one…there was a table too…but no water although it is a “Spring” –and so were all the others …so we finally understood that Spring is not the “thing” in Eureka Springs…

Eurica Springs AR P1090628

Our next stop was to Pivot & Natural Bridge Park,a nice private short hike to see the “miracles”

Eurica Springs   Eurica Springs AR

It took us an hour and we were out of there to visit the Thorncrown Chapel nestled in a woodland setting , it rises 48 feet into the Ozark sky . This magnificent wooden structure contains 425 windows and over 6000 square feet of glass.

Eurica Springs AR  Eurica Springs AR 

This visit to the  peaceful and inspirational place ended our adventures for the day –great finale.


John and Carol said...

Eureka Springs is a neat town. Glad you enjoyed it. We love COE parks.

Donna W. said...

looks like you have some great camp sites, really like the outdoor seating with lights. beautiful sunset photos..hope everyone is safe at home.