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Our Rig

Thursday, July 3, 2014

2nd Day Bennett Springs S.P MO

9 years ago we meet Paula while hiking in Grand Teton N.P Wyoming and since then we kept in touch although we live far away apart.

“One day when you are in the Kansas City area,give me a call “ she said, so now 9 years later we finally meet.

Paula came all the way from Kansas city to visit us in Bennett Springs S.P MO to spend the day with us,although there was a lot of catching up to do we felt like we meet just last year.

Bennett Springs S.P MO

Bennett Springs S.P MO   Bennett Springs S.P MO

Bennett Springs is the MECCA for the fisherman,many come to fish using special gear allowing them to stand in the shallow water and fish, only 4 fish a day are allowed to be kept the rest have to be returned.

Bennett Springs S.P MO Bennett Springs S.P MO

We hiked around the beautiful S.P (not to many hiking trails) to a view spot and along the river , visited the hatchery where fish from all size where held before being realised to the river after reaching the right size.

Bennett Springs S.P MO Bennett Springs S.P MOBennett Springs S.P MO Bennett Springs S.P MO

I mentioned in my previous post the good quality of the camp ground in this park,adding to it the great surroundings and the fishing possibilities sure makes Bennett Springs S.P a fantastic place to camp and visit.

All in all we had a very nice day with our friend Paula that took the trouble to come all the way to see us-thanks.


Jim and Sandie said...

That is truly a gorgeous park and I'm so glad you had a miracle and got a site. Our friends came into town yesterday and tried to find some BLM sites - they have all been full since Wednesday of last week. So they ended up in the RV park and it's only half full. Jim's going fishing again tomorrow. The man is sooo happy.

Donna W. said...

so nice of her to come all the way from KCTY that is a long drive. Yes Bennett Springs is a great fishing spot I come from a long line of fishermen and they always loved the area.

paulakitt said...

Thank you so much for a lovely day. It was very enjoyable and relaxing to spend time with you. Wonderful conversation, delicious food, fresh outdoor air. God has blessed me with your friendship.
May you have safe travel as you move on down the road. Cheers ... Paula