Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cuba ,Zahorsky Woods,Onondaga Cave S.P MO

We had a very active day after a night storm in our area , the wind suddenly picked up and I was lucky to be able to pull down the awning in time before the trailer takes off or the awning gives in.

I woke at around 8AM and it was difficult to be believe that only few hours ago there was a storm passing by, the sky was blue and if not bracken the branches laying around I would think that it was all my imagination.

We took off to a “secret “ Natural Conservation , why secret? because even the people living next to the conservation could not point us to the place , so we did some driving around following directions I got from the net till we found the place called Zahorsky Woods located in Crawford County and encompassing 56 acres,in the northeast corner of the preserve is a steep dolomite bluff 100 feet above the Meramec river.

As we entered the 2Mile hike we meet 2 people cleaning the trail , they were very happy to see someone actually hiking in this “secret” woods.

Zahorsky Woods MO Zahorsky Woods MO 

After completing the loop and visiting the lookouts towards the river we continued to Cuba MO-called the Mural Capitol of Missouri-and they are beautiful.

Cuba MO Cuba MOCuba MO

As it was only 2PM we decided to visit Onondaga Cave State Park after we had our picnic in a small park in town.

The S.P is a beautiful one like all the S.Parks in Missouri we visited so far, it has a cave,C.G,trails ,picnic places and a spring.

As we visited few caves in the past we passed on this one and took a short hike along the river to the spring.

The reflections and the scenery were just fantastic.

Onondaga Cave S.P MObr Onondaga Cave S.P MO 

Onondaga Cave S.P MO    Onondaga Cave S.P MO    Onondaga Cave S.P MObr

On the way back we booked a “float” on the Meramec River for tomorrow,so if you do not hear from us it means we are still floating….


R&R Chapter III said...

Heard about the storm and was worried for you guys. Happy to hear all is well.
Happy Floating.
wish We were with you.

Donna W. said...

hope your float goes well, with all the rain the rivers are very swollen and can be quite 'fast' the Meramec can be a treacherous river, I grew up along it, so be careful. As always great pics