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Our Rig

Friday, July 8, 2016

Disneyland with Zohar

After universal studious the other day we took Zohar to Disneyland.

It is NOT recommended from certain age....from 9AM till 10PM on your feet most of the time walking from one attraction to another or standing in line sometimes with no shade.

We had a map of the park but getting from one attraction to another we had to ask for directions because the signs are not helping at all, I compare the Universal Studios visit to Disneyland and see the big difference, Disney really has to do some improvements regarding directions and staff on ground to help the visitors.

All in all it is a real family entertainment place and if you are familiar with the park and the express lines you are in good shape, otherwise a good portion of the time goes on waiting in line to rides,food,toilet,security checks,purchasing tickets and so on, some cannot be avoided.

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And I was there too……while Shula stayed at home taking care of her arm.

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We managed to do all the major rides, have lunch, enjoy the parade and the fireworks all in one day but at 9PM we almost fell from our feet.

The most important fact was that Zohar enjoyed it very much and I enjoyed that she enjoyed- so it was all together a great fun day.

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