Our Rig

Our Rig

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Palmdale CA

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We ended our 2015 trip in Palmdale and stored the rig for the winter.

Our dear friends Fred and Carol took good care of the truck and trailer and we were happy to find everything as we left it 7 months ago.

The truck started as it never was on hold and everything worked fine in the trailer, the slides opened normally, the fridge kicked off immediately and the most important -NO MICE or any other insects....so we are back to normal.

After saying hellos I placed the battery in the trailer ,hooked the truck and pulled the trailer to the yard with water and electric connection.

Loaded the luggage and the let the ladies get it in place.



in the evening we invited our hosts for dinner to S&B for dinner, it is a very popular place with good food,good service and reseonable prices.

20160709_185331 20160709_192740


After a long day that started in L.A we all needed a good night sleep in our home.


Now we have to get and load the grosseries,service the truck and on the road we go….


R&R Chapter III said...

Off you go. Have a fantastic 15th season

Peter + Beatrix said...

Happy Trails for you

Contessa said...

Welcome back to the USA and a special welcome to your lovely granddaughter. You haven't posted for a while. I do hope that Shula is well.