Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Universal Studio CA with our grand daughter

When our first granddaughter reached 12 years (Batmizva) she asked us if she could join us for a month traveling with the trailer in North America.

It was a great surprise for us , we thought she would ask for a laptop or a cell phone but she rather traveled with us far away from home and the rest of the family, we loved her choice and since then a tradition was created and every grandchild (boy-13 and girl -12) join us for a month , only if they want... and they do want.

This year our 3rd in age granddaughter Zohar is the lucky one to come with us , we waited for her to end her study year and on the 3rd of July we flew together directly to Los Angeles.

We ended our 2015 trip near L.A so that our trailer will be stored during the winter not far away (we always store the rig in different States at the end of each trip).

As we landed Shula's cousin family picked us up to their place in the city and did everything to make us feel at home.

After 15 flying hours we had the chance to take a dip in the pool, the Jacuzzi and get a good night sleep.


On the next day we took Zohar to Universal Studio and spend the whole day there till they kicked us out.


We did all the rides including the new ones in Harry Potter village and Zohar enjoyed every minute, we too but in a different way… the main problem are the long lines, sometimes between 30-60 minutes….

As you can see Shula’s hand is supported by a strep, her shoulder was dislocated 3 weeks ago and put back inplace after she was under anastisia, it will heal itself in a couple of weeks.

More adventures will be posted as we go…have a great summer


Peter + Beatrix said...

I have already been wondering whether you would come back to US this year....and there you are.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Good to see you are enjoying your time with your Granddaughter.We will be following you on this summers adventures. WE send our love. Sam & Donna..

Karen and Tony said...

Welcome back! Enjoy your time with your granddaughter!