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Friday, April 29, 2016

Old Jaffa Port and City.

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Jaffa is one of the ancient port cities in Israel and the Mediterranean basin. It has a strong link to the historic events that took place in the Land of Israel in particular and the Eastern Mediterranean basin in general, ever since the dawn of settlement there. It is built on a high cliff that juts from the shoreline into the sea and the ports lies at its foot.

We took a day trip to visit one of the parts of Jaffa that we like so much ,it has the right old time atmosphere ,great colors, wonderful ancient port, great beach, beautiful alleys and lots of places to eat-so what more could we ask for? we visited the place numeriuos times but never got tired from comming again.

We parked the car at the Northern part of the Old Jaffa and strolled along the beach to the city.



As it was Easter Holidays (Pesah) the place was packed with families walking around  , exploring the place, having a fresh juice or a full meal in one of the many restaurants serving fresh sea food .


There were some sale stands an Old Toy Museum and painting galleries we found very interesting , it was amazing to see the "old Toys" we remember as kids....that means that we are also from ancient times...

P1000057P1000058   P1000073P1000075P1000055

The alleys and the renovated houses are exceptional and unique ,some houses have a full view of the Medetarenian Sea that is fantastic all year round and can be watched hours just by sitting on the balcony reading a book or looking at the waves and the surfers.

P1000059 P1000077P1000079P1000083P1000086 P1000089P1000090

Walking in the sun made us hungry and thirsty, so picked a restaurant with a view and fresh sea food together with a cold 1/2L of beer and found that it was great to end this Holiday.

P1000087 P1000085

Shula was “Whatsaping” to the kids our location, isn’t it the way it is done today? we learned it from our gradnkids…

There were some more beautiful sights like this bee on the Cactus flower and these legs of a mysteries stranger….


it is summer here and we are getting ready to reunite with our 5W to start our 15th summer RV trip and this time to California and Oregon.

Wishing you all many happy trails.


John and Carol said...

Your posts about excursions in your own country are always so interesting! I especially loved the lights with pitchers and other kitchen items as lamp shades.

John and Carol said...

I always love your posts about excursions in your country--so interesting. I especially liked the lights with pitchers and other kitchen items for shades.

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Thank you John and Carol.
We will be on our way to pick the rig from California in late June and travel North ending the trip in October in Oregon.
Hope to meet you guys.