Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Vietnamese food home made

During our trip to Vietnam , (http://danyshula.blogspot.co.il/2016/02/18-days-vietnam-5-days-thailand-trip.htmlsee )  among many other things we went through cooking lessons in one of the villages near Saigon.

Thanh Xuan Ho who is the owner of a restaurant http://www.kumquathoian.com brought us to his house that is surrounded with fields where vegetables are growing by the village people , after showing us around Xuan that is also known as Mr. Victor gave us cooking lessons on local Vietnamese food..

We had to make it good and tasty as we were going to eat it later during the evening....all in all it was a great experience, gastronomic and social wise, we had a chance to meet his lovely wife and his kids.

We loved the food so much   that we got few recopies from our host and today Chef Shula & Su Chef Danny prepared Papaya Salad and Spring rolls, it sure brough Vietnam flavor to us and good memories with it.


Bon Appeti.

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