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Our Rig

Thursday, December 18, 2008


We decided to take advantage of the warm December weather and take a day trip to Jerusalem.
Usually in Jerusalem the weather is by 5-10 degrees colder that in the center but this time it was just fantastic, the sun was soft and warm but as one stood in the shade one need a light jacket.
Mainly Jerusalem is divided into 3 sections:New Jerusalem-all the new buildings mainly around Jerusalem that were built after the six day war.
Old Jerusalem-old sections out of the walls , the houses are built so close to each other that some places never see sunlight.
Ancient Jerusalem within the walls,that has 4 sections:Jewish,Muslim,Christean and Armenian-All religious places are opened to everyone since Jerusalem became united after 1967.

One needs between 3-5 days to visit Jerusalem just to see the main places and stroll along the narrow roads and paths ,visit the Holy places and Museums.
The city is full of surprises and each time I escort someone to Jerusalem
I discover new places and angles that a gave saw before, it is amazing.
This time we took a day trip concentrating on the city market and in "Nachlaot" one of
the oldest quarters out side of the walls.
I wish I could bring you the sounds and the smells from this fantastic place,these pictures can give you a small "taste" of the place but it is no way replacing a "real" visit .

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