Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My cousin Peter visits Isarel

When my cousin Peter from LA sent an e-mail saying that he wants to come over for a visit of 5 weeks we started to make a plan what to show him except the regular tourist places that will leave him with long lasting feeling that he really "saw" the country,its people and understood they complicity of the region.
So we made a list of places to see like Jerusalem,Dead Sea,Masada,Old Jaffa,Golan Hights and so on and we added places like Markets,weeding,meeting people and experiencing family life.

Here are some selected pictures from our travels in different places around Israel and it seems that 5 weeks gave a first time visitor an overview of the country and through the media eyes that are in many times giving a faults picture.
8 miles from the Mediterranean to the West Bank???-Yes-Unbelievable.

Florida bigger than Israel 8 times???Correct...hard to believe.
Here are some pictures from the visit,we hope that the colors,smells and the country spirit will stay with him londg after he leaves.

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