Our Rig

Our Rig

Friday, May 22, 2009

Our 8th RV summer trip

Dear friends,
In a few days my better half and me are starting our 8th trailer trip in North America, and this
time to North East USA.
In my previous Blog I have attached a map of the planned route but I can a sure you that this is only a plan and many changes can and will happen on the way.
I love the uncertainty, follow your nose , wind and find new adventures,meet new interesting people and ENJOY every minute.
As always I will carry my laptop and my small Canon and will be connected to the Internet wherever I find a WIFI connection (not all Camp Grounds have it yet) but I will try to upload selected pictures and post blogs as we travel.
If you wish you can pop in at any given time to see what is new.
I wish you all a great summer, I will be back home in November,till then take care and do not do anything I wouldn't.

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