Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trading the truck

In 2002 we have bought our first rig,F-250 1994 ,Turbo Diesel and a 1999 5w Wonderer from Thor.

After 4 years we have traded the 5W for a 2006 Cruiser and now we have traded our good old truck.

The Ford pulled the trailer from Alaska till Newfoundland with many side trips in between,overcame mountain peaks in Colorado and Wyoming with minimum problems, I took care of it and got in return a great pulling truck.Letchworth S.P NY Jackman,Maine,2009

It took 24 hours from the time I published it for sale till the deal was completed and it actually surprised me that it went so fast and smooth.

I sold the Ford only after I have completed an Internet deal for a F-350 2006,SD,EC,Auto,SRW located in California from a person that later became a “friend” although I have never saw him in person.

Wayne was the only owner of this Ford and he was more “crazy” than I am when it comes to care and maintain the truck, it is clean,never had a body repair and beautiful inside and out.

Accidently I also “meet” on the RV forum a guy that bought a 5W from Wayne and he said that he would buy anything from Wayne with no fear at all.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Here is the new “beast” , it has everything I need to pull my 5W including hitch,towing mirrors,electrical connection,Tow/Haul Mode and special breaks.

Wayne was very straight forward and did everything to to help this transaction to go smooth.

I am already anxious to take it on the road..

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