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Our Rig

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day trip to Keren Carmel Forest

18 February and what a great weather for a day trip to see some flowers in bloom.

Accordingly to The nature foundation the PRIMROSES and the ANEMONES are starting to show up in certain areas around the country,so we took the opportunity of having a great weather and took off to the Carmel Forest just South of Haifa.

It was after a few days of rain and the mud already turned to be solid , the air was clear and crispy and you could see all the way  down the valley while standing on top of the mountain.



We parked the car and hiked this loop trail walking among the flowers to a beautiful look out facing the North Valley of Carmel.On the way besides the fantastic bloom of the flowers we could hear cows and birds enjoying the pasture, I would add some running water to make it perfect…(I started to become greedy..running water in our country….very rare unfortunately.)

BloomingPrimroses Fresh colors.A house with a viewMountain viewAnemone flower.Flower bulbes.Among the rocks.BloomingIn pasture together.

After wondering around inhaling the beauty,smell and fresh air  we became hungry so we headed to a local Druz restaurant that specializes   in Sheep stew,fresh salads and to top this up sweet tea and home made biscuits with honey and nuts..I will have to go on a diet after that…..

First course,salats,humus& pickels.Sweet tea.With the Druze restaurant owner.The owner gives us good time.Last course,sweet tea & coockies.

It was a great day,good company,good weather,good food –what else one can ask for?


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1 comment:

John and Carol said...

What a wonderful place to visit. The flowers are so pretty. It looks like you had a great time. Fantastic pictures!