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Our Rig

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day Hike in South Golan Heights.

While in Europe the cold weather front is taking a toll we are experiencing the most beautiful climate at this time,it is cold crispy and the skies are perfect blue, of course there is a downside to this   and is a luck of rain but as one said before “we can not control the weather so why waist energy on the issue ?” and so we did not and took advantage of this lovely day to hike 8 miles along the MEZARR Wadi in South Golan Heights.

Map picture

Begining of the day hike.

The bus collected the hiking group starting at 630AM and at 8AM off loaded us at the starting point,we carried the breakfast ,lunch and water with us all the way and eat on the route.

During the day the wind changed as we climbed and we had to peal and add clothing like an onion.

This hiking group exists more than 15 years with more or less the same people,so it is always great to meet old friends on these occasions.

The Golan Heights are blessed with gorgeous mountain views and few waterfalls that are beautiful to watch in the spring after the rain and the melting snow from Hermon Mountain that has its South sloops in Israel and the North sloops in Lebanon.

We are  winter “seasonal” hikers because for the last 10 years we RV in N.America every summer with our 5W and are happy to find the “balance” between our HOME in Israel and our “Home on wheels” in North America,lets hope this will last for many more years….We arrived at home at 8PM after a great day, tired but happy and are looking forward for the next day trip at the end of this month,this does not mean that I am not working on our 11th RV trip that will start in late May and that will be fun too….

Till we meet again.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Loved the pictures. Beautiful views of the landscape Wish we were there. Don't think we're up to that long of hike though will have to start working on that.

Lee And Judy

John and Carol said...

What a great hike! It is always good to see waterfalls. Have fun.

John and Carol said...

What a beautiful hike and such lovely weather. We hope the nice weather continues for you. Happy Planning your trip to the U.S. We always enjoy reading your posts.

Karen and Tony said...

Beautiful photographs ,especially the old trees! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Clara Camper said...

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Contessa said...

NIce to see a new post from you and some great local photos of your area. Too big of a hike for me though.

Wayne and Maureen said...

Great sunshine and such a beautiful country...we hope your RV adventures continue for many, many years. We will be in Hagerstown, Maryland from April to October if you pass through that part of US...

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Thank you all for your kind comments.
Wayne and Maureen,in summer 2012 we will start from Charlotte NC to visit North and South Carolina,Virginia,Indiana,East Michigan and end up near Toronto in October,but we sure should meet one day.