Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring is in the air

The 2 months that I  less like weather wise are January and February ,it is always cold,windy,grey and colorless.

This year we had an extremely cold February and for the first time after many years we had heavy snow on mountain tops and in Jerusalem what brought some joy especially to kids that had a chance to skip school and play in the snow.

At the first week of March the weather changed ,some blue skies are seen again ,temperatures are rising and effects everyone and everything-yes the weather is dictating our lives, we seem more joyful when it is sunny and warm and become more open and welcoming.

The first that feels the turnover from Winter to Spring are the animals,the trees and the flowers,so we took a drive up north to Mount Tavor and this is what we saw….

Mount Tavor

One picture worth a 1000 words.

Till we meet again..

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Anonymous said...

Spring is definitely in the air. Yuma, Holtville + Quartzsite all have temps 30-31C! We are moving east.

John and Carol said...

How absolutely beautiful. Thanks for going on the drive and showing us that valley.

Contessa said...

Wow, the photo says it all.
Soon you will be heading back to your RV.