Our Rig

Our Rig

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A day trip to Statford Ontario

The days are warm ,the nights are cold it means only one thing Autumn is already here.

I already winterized the trailer,covered the wheels and the A/C on the roof,put back in the garage all the tools and cleaned the kitchen from all the food-then during the weekend ,I take a look through the window of my warm room and sew clear blue skies ,I check the weather on line and it was  going to be around the 17C at noon with no wind factor ,I started to get the ICH…for another “last” RV trip.

From the moment of my decision till I pulled out from my drive way it took me …..and then I woke up in my son’s apartment in Toronto  waiting for my flight in a few days and after storing last week the rig one and a half hour away,so taking it on the road was not an option,but taking advantage of this beautiful weather sure is.

In no time we grabbed a lite coat,took some fruits and on the way we were to the small beautiful town of Stratford.

Small garden along the river full of ducks and swans,beautiful shops,coffee places,restaurants, musicians on every corner and all this  in a walking distance.


The Autumn colors are already here ,it was so relaxing to sit across the river have some fruit and let the warm sun beams hit the back.


The swans and the ducks were playing like they had a field day,I wish I could understand what they were talking about.

I had to insert 25 cent coins in the meter but my smallest bill was 20C$,so I get into a bar/restaurant not far from the parking area and ask if it is possible to get some quarters showing the bill I have,the owner hands me   4X25 Cents and sends me on my way…..(I think I found a new startup…) –this is what I call “welcoming the tourist”.

After we get over this fantastic experience we stroll down a small alley to find the most beautiful small shop with Chinese figures, dolls ,vases among many other oriental things,one thing that caught our eye was a metal bowl with  2 handles  filled with water and a rose floating in it-the sign said “Dragon Jumping water”,so we go in the shop and find a very nice Chinese lady that was glad to show us the Magic,she rubbed her hands against the handles and the water started to jump up like a small fountain,if I did not have to take it on the plane I would buy it and show magic to my grand kids…                              

The town has many nice corners and as we walked the streets we enjoyed the colors,scenery and the smells from many different restaurant's.


I am happy that I woke up and took this day trip ,it was fun and I believe that we will be back to this Welcoming town in the future.

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Contessa said...

A lovely area of Ontario. I have never been in the autumn which looks to be a great time to visit.