Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Back at home

We left Toronto on the 3 of November at 1330 local time landing on the 4th at 0720 local time ,a long 12 hour direct flight …and a long jetlag…

Our daughter picked us up and brought us to our house where our middle son ,his wife and two kids Rony and Tal stayed during the last 6 months while their new apartment was getting built-up.

We are used to come home after 4-5 months and are ready to for the challenge bringing the house and the garden back to normal but this time THIS WAS SPECIAL…Tal and Rony were there “camping” on the mattresses.

P1080799   P1080800  P1080801

So Grandma Shula decided to join the gang and have fun.


You all know the feeling when meeting your family after a long period of time ,especially when they are still very young,but with todays technical gadgets we can keep in touch through the SKYPE where they can see and talk to them hoping that when we finally meet they will not go “who is this”…

Here is what Tal thought  about the whole thing….”I have to go NOW”


We had a great Rv summer trip but we are happy to be home with family and friends,see you all next summer in..Missouri-Arkansas and Oklahoma .


Jim and Sandie said...

So glad you're home and getting a chance to love on those grands. Enjoy them.

Contessa said...

Welcome home. Thank you for a lovely summer, we enjoyed your trip and fabuous photos.