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Our Rig

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A day trip & BBQ

This post is dedicated to all my North American friends that are suffering/enjoying the cold harsh weather ,I hope these sun beams and clear skies will warm you up  a bit.

We all know that we cannot control the weather ,so why waist time and energy on the subject??? just go for it and enjoy the present as it comes.

Saying this, we took a day trip on Friday with our hiking group ,hiking 12 Miles around Jerusalem ,it started in a cold weather and slowly developed into a beautiful day as we pilled slowly our warm cloths .

P1080974  P1080971

On the next day we had part of our family for a BBQ in the garden,two of the elder Grand kids could not make it ,one was on a school trip and the other with her boy friend (were we the same at 16??)

P1080975       P1080976

It is hard these days to get everyone together in one place ,but we continue to do the effort and are happy when “most” of them come over .


Our lemon tree got confused and thought that it is April……any for a lemon????


Keep warm my friends…till we meet again.


Jim and Sandie said...

It's beautiful here in AZ but my heart does goes out to those folks in the Northeast who are freezing. Glad you guys are having sunshine. And boyfriends definitely win out over family every time when you're 16. Things really don't change much do they.

John and Carol said...

Looks like you're having a fun winter and lots of good family time. Your lucky North American friends are enjoying warm weather in Florida, Arizona, Texas and California. Sorry for the others.