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Our Rig

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Our young Champion.

While some of you are having fun RVing  because you are full-timers or early birds we have to wait for the Spring before we start our travels ,and this is due to 2 main reasons:

One – A staying permit for non residents is only for 6 months , we are RVing since 2002  every year for 4-5 months and   chose to RV in the summers leaving the “hot” States till we decide to switch seasons.

Two- We have family back home that we like to see and spend time with.

The winters in Israel are mild  so the out door activities include hiking,going to the beach ,picnicking ,planning the next RV trip, spending time with the family and attending kids / grand kids events.

I am sure you all enjoy taking a part of your family member on his/her special event like graduation,prom,wedding or any other big or small celebrations,it is specially important because some times we have to chose between being away on a RV trip or making it to the event,it is even more difficult when the family members are scattered around and we can not make it to each and every event.

Saying all that ,we try to attend EVERY event of our family member during our stay in Israel, yesterday was such an event, our 10 year old grand daughter attended an athletics  competition in her area and out of 4 schools (120 girls) she won 2 gold medals and one bronze.


IMG-20140223-WA0000                                                                                                    IMG-20140223-WA0002      



It was amazing to see all these kids do their drills,how serious they take it and how supportive they are ,things we  see rarely when it comes to grown ups….

We were very happy for her to get this award that come after years of training,but we would be equally happy if she would do her best and not be on the podium…

Way to go Zohar (In Hebrew-“Bright light in the sky “) 

Proud,happy and thrilled, your loving

Grandpa & Grandma


Karen and Tony said...

Wow- that's quite an accomplishment! Congratulations Zohar!

Jim and Sandie said...

Zohar - what a beautiful name. And congratulations to her. I know how hard she had to work to make it to the podium. And her best was definitely a winner.

John and Carol said...

Congratulations to Zohar.
Whatever choices we make, we have to give up something else. We do miss watching our grandchildren grow up when we live on the road in our RV.

Peter + Beatrix said...

Nice to have such a charming young champion in the family. You must be proud of her. I'm sure winters in Israel are not much different than here in Arizona/California.
Your black letters on the red background are not easy to read. How about white on red? Thx.

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

You must be pround. Enjoy your RVing.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Contessa said...

I think that you have the very best lifestyle with a perfect mix of family and adventure.

You do have a champion in the family. Well done Zohar.