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Our Rig

Friday, February 26, 2016

2016 RV summer trip plan

My wife and I are RVing since 2002 every summer for 4-5 months each trip to new to us destinations, at the end of each trip we store the rig and fly home for the winter , in the following summer we pick the rig and countinue from there to other States/Provinces.

During winters we take short trips (10-20 days) to warm countries (with out the trailer) last year it was to the Las Palmas a Spanish beautiful Island and this year we were in Vietnam for 3 weeks.

When our eldest granddaughter reached 12 (Batmizva) we asked her what would she like to get as a present, her answer really surprised us as she said “ I want to join you on your trip with the trailer in North America” , so we took her with us and flew her back alone on a direct flight after a month.

This started a tradition and whenever a grandson reaches 13 (Barmizva) or a granddaughter reaches 12 we take them for a month with us.

This coming summer Zohar will be 12 and we are flying with her to L.A to pick the rig, first we will visit the city and it’s attractions for a few days and then head towards King Canyon+ Sequoia N.P to hike.



Here is the general plan,the first month will be from L.A to L.A to drop Zohar to the International Airport, then we will drive North ending the trip in Oregon in late September.

We love nature, waterfalls,history,natural hot springs and meeting people.

Usually we park the 5W in a central location and explore the area with the truck till we feel like moving to the next stop.

I  publish the plan way in advance to be able to make changes after receiving advise  and remarks from RVers that were there and think that I should not miss this or that.

Thank you in advance.


Jim and Sandie said...

I think you could spend the entire time in Oregon and still not see everything that is beautiful.

Danny &Shula Oren said...

I agree and that is why next year we will countinue exploring Oregon

ak_sone said...

That is wonderful! Have safe travels! Always look forward to your pictures. Hi to Shula!