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Our Rig

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Newhalem and Diablo Lake WA area

Hwy 20 in the North Cascades provides numerous nature spots, hikes, lakes ,mountain peaks can be found all along this Hwy.

Unfortunately we got to explore Newhalem and Hike to vista point on Diablo Lake when the air was full of dust from the numerous fires in the area.

It was imposable to know when the wind will pick up in the right direction and clear the air, therefore we did not change our plans and started the day in Newhalem, a small nice town with some old buildings and a beautiful gardens and Ladder Creek Falla that are lightened at night, it must be a real treat.



The hike is easy and only 1 Mile roud trip .



Leaving the town driving East we stopped George Creek Overlook , a short walk from the parking area this high falls could be seen and at the end of the summer it sure is not in a full swing.


Thunder Knob Trail is a 3.8 Mile round trip to a vista point above Diablo Lake , with no expectations due to the smoky air we climbed the trail gaining 600’ to the top and tried to imagine how it would look with clear air.


We could hardly see the lake and the mountains, wow we have to come back when it will all clear up..


Still we enjoyed the hike and the area that offers great hiking , camping and swimming opportunities , before heading home we drove around the lake that is created by a huge dam and took  a break next to the beach getting as much as possable from the situation.


There is a mountain at the “end” of this shot….


Wish all the fire fighters to come safely home, while we are complaining about the smoke they are doing the hard dangerous work.

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paulakitt said...

Even though it would be nice to have clear air for photos, some of the smokey pics are quite good, especially those with the smoked-filtered sun.