Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A stop in Toronto on the way home

Having some kids and grand kids living in Israel and one in Toronto led us to this simple solution , each summer on the way to collect the Rig from the storage place we stop for a few days in Toronto to see the kid and sniff the grand kids, at the end of the trip (usually after 4 months )we fly from where we stored the rig to Toronto before heading home.

It worked perfectly for the last 17 years and gives us the opportunity to do our summer RV trips each year AND see our Canadian family twice a year.

So here we are in Toronto enjoying the time with our Canadian family just before heading home.


Seems they are growing so fast , we went with them to their weekly “Gym” visit and watched the future athliets  at work..


Celebrated Noam's birthday , the guy is 3 years old and so clever...he speaks half a sentence in Hebrew and the other half in English, sometimes it is so funny.

He had a celebration in the kindergarten and one for the family and friends.P1050838


He was more shy in the kindergarten where all the attention was focused on him , but boy see him in the family birthday he was just like fire..



Autumn in Ontario is always a symphony of colors,clear skies and cold weather so we manged to do some out side walks some with the gang and some alone when they are in the kindergarten from 9am till 5pm .



Click on any small picture to enlarge….

That’s it my friends we completed our 17th RV summer trip leaving as usual the cheery on the cake for the end....

Can't end this post without mentioning the Pittsburgh massacre ,


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