Our Rig

Our Rig

Saturday, May 15, 2010

2010 RV summer plan

We started our RV summer trips way back in 2002 (hard to believe that we already did 8 summer trips…wooow) when we flew into Edmonton Canada with 2 suitcases and in 2 weeks were on the way to Alaska with a F-250 1994 and a 5th wheel 27” with one slide 1999 and had no idea what to expect..

It was our first time to drive such a “monster” ,but if millions  do it so can we.

This was the beginning of a LOVE story between the RV life style and us,so as I said every summer we RVed in different parts of North America and are enjoying it every minute.

If you browse through our website you will see that we covered the West and all of Canada (except 2 provinces in the center) and all the way to Newfoundland in the East.

We have hiked,rafted,worked in cattle farm branding cattle,meet wonderful people,visited amazing nature wonders and saw many beautiful sunsets but we still are exited every day…

This year will be different,our eldest grad daughter (12 years old) asked  to join us for one month as a birthday present, what a surprise it was for us and what a joy.

So we will take off in July with Yuval and RV in Ontario mainly in Bruce Peninsula where we will enjoy nature,wild life,beaches,lakes,boat rides,hike and mainly be together.

After the first month we will bring Yuval back and continue to Pennsylvania & Maryland.

Photos will follow I promise.

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